Interns Learning Processes at Meera Spices

Interns learning from Meera Spices Experts
Students learning accounts modules and processes at Meera Spices Factory. 

 During the Course of Internship, Students of BSc. (Hons) Agriculture from Sri Sri University, Cuttack, Odisha are exposed to Different aspects of Spices Manufacturing and Process.

They are Allowed and Facilitated in Learning real-life scenarios in Purchase Management, Production, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Accounting under the supervision of Meera Spices Accounts Head  Mr. Akhila Kumar Bhuyan.

As per our Mission to educate more and more People from Academics as well as Research Scholars, on the Best Practices in Producing Authentic Indian Spices (Masala), We Encourage more and more institutions to provide their students this type of Exposure.

Also If anyone Wants to join Meera Spices Team for Future Job openings, they can Apply directly Online at the Careers page here. And in Future, they can be contacted or interviewed for a perfect job.

Also, see the Certification Facilitation to the Interns here.