Jeera Cumin Powder Benefits, Price list and Where to Purchase

Jeera Powder or Cumin Powder is an old remedy for treating many disorders in the digestive system. While Jeera Powder is used in various recipes, especially in Indian cooking, it has been also used as a medicine too.

Also, the Price of Jeera /Cumin powder is only ₹500 approx per kg pack in Odisha. India for best AGMARK quality Meera Spices brand.

Check out the price list below in different pack sizes for the Agmarked Jeera powder from Meera spices, One of the Leading Manufactures of the best Indian Spices based in Odisha.

And People also search for a substitute for jeera Powder, which we honestly say there is no such substitute to it. As the Medicinal properties of Jeera Seeds and its Powder is extraordinary. But People may use some of the following substitutes in the cooking process, but these never match the properties of Jeera or Cumin.

Some of the Cooking Substitute for Cumin or Jeera Powder is 

  • Dhania Powder
  • Chilli Powder
  • Paprika Powder
  • Curry Powder
  • Chilli Powder

The Cumin Powder is called Jeera Powder in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Odia, and Bhojpuri Language.

The Scientific name of Jeera or Cumin is Cuminum cyminum

Why Cumin /Jeera is beneficial to our Health 

As per the Scientific analysis, Jeera seeds / Cumin seeds are a very good source of Vitamin A & C.

Jeera also has Antibacterial properties as well as contains antioxidants, which when used in daily food will help in removing harmful toxins from the body.

Jeera Powder or Cumin Powder is regarded as one of the best spices for boosting metabolism, as per Ayurvedic medicine.

Famous Recipies in India using Jeera Powder 

There are thousands of Indian Recipes that use Jeera / Cumin Powder. Some of the Famous Recipes that are used Jeera Powder are :

Jal Jeera - A traditional India Drink, a favorite in the Summers. Its also Called as Jeera Drink 

Methi Jeera Ajwain Powder - A Healthy Ayurvedic Powder made for Digestive treatment, mostly available in Indian Kitchens

How to Get the Best Jeera Powder 

Well to get the Best jeera powder, you can grind the jeera/cumin seeds and keep them dry in a container for future use.

Agmark best Quality Jeera Cumin Powder Odisha

Or you can Purchase AGMARK's best quality Jeera Powder like Meera Spices Jeera Powder, Which is best for Indian cooking as well as for health drinks like Jal Jeera.