The King and Queen of Spices

 Which Spices are called King and Queen of Spices?

Let's Start with the King of Spices first, 

The King of All Indian Spices is the Black Pepper.

 Its native to South India Malabar region and is also considered as the Master Spices

Black Pepper is the King of Indian Spices

Now as we witnessed the King of Indian Spices, Lets know a bit about the Queen of Indian Spices.

Cardamom is regarded as the Queen of Indian Spices. With its elegant flavor and Aroma, it can be found in most of Indian Sweets as well, like the Famous Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream)

Cardamom is the Queen of Indian Spices

Cardamom is a common ingredient in Indian cooking. It is also often used in baking in the Nordic countries, in particular in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, where it is used in traditional treats such as the Scandinavian Yule bread Julekake, the Swedish kardemummabullar sweet bun, and Finnish sweet bread pulla. In the Middle East, green cardamom powder is used as a spice for sweet dishes, as well as traditional flavouring in coffee and tea. Cardamom is used to a wide extent in savoury dishes. In some Middle Eastern countries, coffee and cardamom are often ground in a wooden mortar, a mihbaj, and cooked together in a skillet, a mehmas, over wood or gas, to produce mixtures as much as 40% cardamom.

In Asia, both types of cardamom are widely used in both sweet and savory dishes, particularly in the south. Both are frequent components in spice mixes, such as Indian and Nepali masalas and Thai curry pastes. Green cardamom is often used in traditional Indian sweets and in masala chai (spiced tea). Both are also often used as a garnish in basmati rice and other dishes. Individual seeds are sometimes chewed and used in much the same way as chewing gum. It is used by confectionery giant Wrigley; its Eclipse Breeze Exotic Mint packaging indicates the product contains "cardamom to neutralize the toughest breath odors". It is also included in aromatic bitters, gin, and herbal teas.

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