Cumin Seeds (Jeera) Facts and FAQ

Is cumin and Jeera same?

Cumin or Jeera Spices in a Bowl

Yes, the Cumin Seeds are called as Jeera in Hindi and most of Indian Languages.

Cumin seeds or Jeera is very essential part of Indian Cuisine. It is added to the Indian Made Curries in powder form and as whole seeds while frying the spices.

Cumin / Jeera is mixed with many other Spices in a blended form to make Special Spices like Garam Masala, Kitchen king Masala etc.

What are cumin seeds or Jeera good for (Benefits)?

According to many Studies and Ayurvedic medicine system in India, Jeera or Cumin Seeds are very beneficial. Cumin helps in Digestion and provide perfect supplement in the form of Iron as well as refreshes the body with antioxidants.

The Ayurvedic Literature also support the fact the Cumin seeds (Jeera) helps in balancing the Blood Cholesterol too.

Today many people also see Cumin seeds as the food to help in Weight Loss.

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Jeera Powder (Cumin Seeds Powder) Meera Spices

Can we eat cumin seeds daily? Can I drink cumin water every day?

As per the Indian Culture and Ayurvedic studies it is always recommended that every food and Spices are to be used in a moderate form, as excess of everything is not good.

Similarly, Cumin seeds are used as spices and having medicinal properties, should be used in a moderate form. 

It can be used in daily spices, while making Currie.

Is jeera rich in iron?

Yes, Jeera or Cumin Seeds are Rich in Iron 

As per USDA the Nutritional value of Cumin Seeds are rich in Iron.

Nutrition Value of Jeera or Cumin