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Its all About Best Quality Turmeric (Haldi)

Turmeric Powder is not Soluble in water and it is called Haldi in Hindi and Odia, While it's called "Manjal Chedi" in Tamil. Many People do ask Is Haldi and turmeric the same thing?   What is the Price of Best Quality Turmeric Powder? Currently, the Best Agmark Quality Haldi Powder 1kg Pack from Meera Spices costs you around Rs245/- to .300 /- Only at MRP.. So you can Purchase Meera Spices 500gm AGMARK best quality pouch pack at Rs 122 only. Check out the latest Turmeric Prices as listed Below for reference, with effect from September 2021.  With a Smaller Pack of Turmeric Powder, the Price differs, and it's more affordable too. Mostly People in India Prefer to Buy 100 grams, 200 grams, 250 grams, or 500 grams of Turmeric Powder for cooking purposes. The People in the Whole of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and most Southeast Asian Countries do cook their food with at least a pinch of Turmeric Powder, every day. Indian Food preparations are full of Spices a

Saag Paneer Recipe with Meera Masala (Indian Restaurant Style)

Saag Paneer is one of the most requested Recipes online, Specially in the USA these days. as per the Bloomberg report ,  it's trending high on Google. So We thought to list down Step by Step Process to make a easy to make your favorite Spinach paneer or Saag Paneer or you can call it Palak Saag Paneer. You may call saag paneer in many ways, but the fact remains. that it's a very delicious and yet very healthy Indian recipe. Lets Start making Saag Paneer at home To Make Saag Paneer We need : Spinach or Palak 200 - 300 gram 100 grams Paneer / Or you can use Tofu (Syabeen Paneer) Meera Spices Paneer Masala Powder 4-5 Garlic Cloves (Chopped) 2 small pieces of Ginger 2 Green Chilli 1/2 teaspoon Sugar 1 tbsp Garam Masala Salt as per Taste Cooking Process (Indian Style) Saag Gravy Preparation Cooking: Boil 500 ml of Water in a Pan and add 1/2 teaspoon Sugar to it . (Tip this makes the Color of Spinach / Paalak / Saag to its natural green color after the boil) Boil the Spinach Saag f

Internship Certification for Agro Industry Attachment (AIA) Project Study

Students of BSc. (Hons) Agriculture from  Sri Sri University, Cuttack at Meera Spices Factory Jagatpur With HR Manager Monica Dash Students of BSc. (Hons) Agriculture from Sri Sri University, Cuttack , Odisha has undergone Project Study in Agro-Industry Attachment (AIA) at the Meera Spices Factory Premises, Jagatpur, Cuttack from Nov 5th, 2021 to 25th Nov 2021 under the Guidance of Sri Sribasta Kumar Rout, Factory Manager at Palash Udyog Foods Pvt. Ltd. As Meera Spices is one of the best quality available Spices Manufacturers in Odisha, India with Service Area in 30 Districts . We appreciate and encourage students from different Colleges and Universities of India to experience real Indian Spices, with aromatic preservation and Packaging system. Students also got to know the AGMARK Standards that are followed to bring the Best of Quality Indian Spices in Odisha.  During the Study, The Students were facilitated with information on Spices, hands-on exposure to Processing and Packaging

Interns Learning Processes at Meera Spices

Students learning accounts modules and processes at Meera Spices Factory.   During the Course of Internship, Students of BSc. (Hons) Agriculture from  Sri Sri University, Cuttack , Odisha are exposed to Different aspects of Spices Manufacturing and Process. They are Allowed and Facilitated in Learning real-life scenarios in Purchase Management, Production, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Accounting under the supervision of Meera Spices Accounts Head  Mr. Akhila Kumar Bhuyan. As per our Mission to educate more and more People from Academics as well as Research Scholars, on the Best Practices in Producing Authentic Indian Spices (Masala), We Encourage more and more institutions to provide their students this type of Exposure. Also If anyone Wants to join Meera Spices Team for Future Job openings, they can Apply directly Online at the Careers page here . And in Future, they can be contacted or interviewed for a perfect job. Also, see the Certification Facilitation to the Interns here.