FAQ on Dhania or Corriander Powder

What is Dhania powder in English? Is coriander powder and dhania powder same?

  • Well Dhania is an Indian multi language word used for "Coriander" or Cilantro .
  • Coriander is called as Dhania in Hindi, Odia, Bengali, Punjabi, Bhojpuri , Aasami etc
  • So Basically coriander powder and dhania powder same, just they are called in their respective languages.

Is Dhania powder good for health?

Coriander Seeds Powder or Dhania Powder provide significant amounts of dietary fiber, calcium, selenium, iron, magnesium and manganese that are good for Health.
Indian Recipes most;ly Curries use Coriander Leaves as Garnish as well as taste booster. Dhania Chutney is very Famous in Indian Cuisine which actually works as an immune-boosting antioxidants

What is the Price of Dhania/ Coriander Powder ?

Dhania Powder price per kg for Authentic Best Quality (AGMARK) certified Meera Spices Pack is Approx Rs. 260/=

Dhania Powder price per 500 grams for Authentic Best Quality (AGMARK) certified Meera Spices Pack is Approx Rs. 130/=

Dhani Powder Price List 2022 - Meera Spices Odisha India

What are the Recipies that uses Dhania Powder / Coriander Powder in India ? 

There are thousands on India Recipe that uses Dhania leaves as garnish as well as Dhania/Coriander Powder in the making. 
From North Indians Paneer Masala or Chicken Curry to South Indias Rawa Masala Dosa and Dhania Chutney. Dhania Powder is an integral part of it. Due to the health Benefits its very common in Indian Kitchen. 

It is Highly recommended to use Authentic Pure and Agmark Certified Standard Dhania Powder in your Food, to keep healthy yourself. 

Checkout Some of the Recipe Images that is been Using Dhania Powder of Dhania Leaves in it . Ypu may Challange yourselves to Identify the Food items from the below Images and Comment below. 

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