Spices importance in Indian Kitchen

Indian Cooking Culture with Spices

In a traditional Indian home, the wife and mother do not go out to work. She stays at home and spends her days making sure that there is wholesome and tasty food ready for her family to eat whenever they may want it.

If there are other older women in the household such as aunts or a grandmother, they will help too.

Journey of Indian Girl in the Kitchen 

An Indian girl will start learning to cook at a very early age and will be expected to help her mother with the household catering and cleaning too.

At her mother's side, a daughter will learn how to grind spices, how to mix them to make various masalas, and exactly when and how to add them to individual dishes.

She will learn how to make various types of Curries. Like Chicken Curry, Biriyani  or the Saag Paneer Recipe with Meera Masala (Indian Restaurant Style)

She will learn to make several dishes at the same time, no Indian meal consisting of only one dish, and she will learn the art of producing the crispest deep-fried onion bhajis and pakora.

Many a time, the girl's skill in the kitchen can make the difference between her finding a husband or not.

There's no doubt., that producing a meal is a complex and time-consuming business, even for the most experienced Indian housewife.

That's the traditional way. However, in modern-day India, life is quite different.

List of Best Indian Spices to Purchase Online

These days, Indian women often do not have the luxury of staying at home all day.

They want or need to go out to work. Indian girls brought up in the last decade, see other girls of their age going shopping, to parties, visiting friends, to school, to college, and ultimately to work and they don't want to stay at home with their mothers, slaving over a hot stove.

On top of that, they don't want to lose the culture and flavors of Indian cuisine. Even Thousands of Self made cooks can be witnessed through Youtube Recipe Channels and other social media.

Cooking Like Indian Mother, by exploring the culinary problems of a modern Indian girl living in cities is a challenge in itself So the flavors of India with Spices available online provide great tastes produced in the minimum of time. Check out Indian Masala Spices Names in English and Hindi

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